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Already filled disposable pods with 2.0 ML ejuice. Only suitable for VAAL…
89 SEK
Already filled disposable pods with 2.0 ML ejuice. Only suitable for VAAL…
89 SEK
Already filled disposable pods with 2.0 ML ejuice. Only suitable for VAAL…
89 SEK
Already filled disposable pods with 2.0 ML ejuice. Only suitable for VAAL…
89 SEK

Disposable Rechargeable Vape

New - Rechargeable "Disposable Vape" including two already filled 2.0ML pods with…
179 SEK
New - Rechargeable "Disposable Vape" including two already filled 2.0ML pods with…
179 SEK
New - Rechargeable "Disposable Vape" including two already filled 2.0ML pods with…
179 SEK
New - Rechargeable "Disposable Vape" including two already filled 2.0ML pods with…
179 SEK

Vape Online of Highest quality

Regardless of whether you are already an experienced Vaper or if you are just thinking about quitting smoking and starting to vape instead, you will find everything you need here at VapeOnline. We offer you the most and of course only the best available on the Vape market. If you are looking for an Ecig for Beginners or an Advanced Mod System, don't worry, we have it all. 

Further on on this page we will explain in a little more detail what is the difference between Ecigg for Beginners and more Advanced Vape with different settings. If you have never vape and you only want to test how a vape works, then we recommend one of our disposable vape.

Popular Simple Vape

An "All in One" E-cig that is very easy to use. Built-in…
249 SEK
Simple and smooth vape that is ideal for all beginners. Tank is…
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eGo AIO BOX is an update of one of the most popular…
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EGo AIO Eco-Friendly is equipped with a 1700 mAh battery and an…
249 SEK

Your Vape Guide on Vape and eCigs

This guide aims to provide you with all the information you need about electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, e-cigs, or vapes. We will go through the main aspects of vaping, including how they work, different types of devices, and how to choose the best vape or eCig device for your needs. So let's dive in and explore this exciting world of vape and eCigs!

What are Vape and eCigs?

Vape, also known as eCigs, e-cigs, or vapes, is an electronic device that converts liquid to vapor, which the user then inhales. Vape and eCig devices work by heating a liquid, called e-juice or vape juice, which contains, among other things, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and often nicotine.

How do Vape and eCigs work?

A typical vape or eCig device consists of the following components:

Battery: The device is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides power to heat up the e-juice.

Tank or cartridge: This is the container where the e-juice is stored. There are both disposable cartridges and reusable tanks.

Coil / Burner: This is a metal wire that is heated by the battery and converts the e-juice into vapor.

Mouthpiece: The user inhales the vapor through this mouthpiece.

When the user activates the device, the coil heats up and transforms the e-juice in the tank or cartridge into vapor, which the user then inhales.

Types of Vape and eCig devices:

There are several different types of vape and eCig devices to choose from, including:

Disposable vape: These devices resemble traditional cigarettes in appearance and feel. They are usually disposable devices and have pre-installed cartridges with e-juice.

Vape pens: These devices are larger than cig-a-likes and have reusable tanks where the user can refill e-juice. They also have larger batteries and offer more power than cig-a-likes.

Box mods: These are advanced vapes with adjustable power, temperature control, and other features. They can be customized with different types of tanks and coils to achieve the desired vapor production and taste experience.

Pod systems: These are compact devices with a pre-installed or refillable pod containing e-juice. They are easy to use.

Most sold E-liquid

Things to consider before choosing the right Vape or eCig:

Usage: If you are new to vaping, you can start with a simple and easy-to-use device, such as a cig-a-like or a vape pen. If you are more experienced and want to experiment with different settings and customizations, a box mod or pod system may be a better option.

Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on your vape or eCig device and look for options within your price range. There are devices for all budgets, from simple and affordable cig-a-likes to high-quality and advanced box mods.

Vapor production and flavor: If you prefer a more powerful vapor production and more intense flavor, you may consider investing in a higher-power device, such as a box mod or a more advanced vape pen. If instead, you are satisfied with a milder vapor production and less intense flavor, a cig-a-like or a simpler vape pen may be more suitable.

Battery life: If you plan to use your vape or eCig device frequently throughout the day, it is important to consider the battery capacity. A device with a larger battery can give you longer usage time before you need to charge it again. Box mods and some vape pens often offer longer battery life than cig-a-likes and simpler pod systems.

Portability and design: If you want a discreet and portable device, you can consider a cig-a-like, a vape pen, or a compact pod system. Box mods are generally larger and heavier but offer more customization options and features.

You can always find suitable accessories at Vapeonline.

When purchasing your vape or eCig device from Vapeonline, it is also important to consider accessories and e-juice. Here are some basic accessories to consider:

Extra burners / Coils: Coils need to be replaced regularly, so it's a good idea to have some extra coils on hand. Make sure you purchase coils that are compatible with your specific device.

Liquid (e-juice): E-juice is the liquid used in vape and eCig devices and comes in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths. When buying e-juice, it is important to consider taste preferences and whether you want nicotine in your e-juice or not.

Battery charger: If your device has a replaceable battery, you may need a separate battery charger to charge it. Check which type of charger is compatible with your specific battery.

When choosing a vaping device, it's important to consider your budget, personal preferences, and the type of experience you want. Here is a quick overview of the different price ranges:

Vape i varios Price range

Budget-friendly vaping devices (up to SEK 299) - Simpler designs and fewer features, but still reliable and effective.

Mid-range vaping devices (300-499 SEK) - Greater variety, more functions and better quality than the budget options.

Upper mid-range vaping devices (500-699 SEK) - Advanced functions, high-quality materials and greater possibilities for customization.

Luxury vaping devices (over SEK 700) - The best in design, performance and quality, with outstanding vapor production, taste and functionality.

Regardless of the price range you choose, it's important to remember that your vaping experience will ultimately come down to your personal preferences and how much you're willing to spend. By carefully considering your needs and budget, you can find a vaping device that will give you maximum enjoyment and a high-quality experience.

Once you've chosen your perfect vaping device, it's also important to maintain it properly to ensure long-lasting and consistent performance. Regularly clean all parts of the unit and replace coils and other consumables when necessary. By taking care of your vaping device, you can enjoy a great vaping experience for a long time to come. Good luck in your search for the perfect vaping device for you!

Full 5000mAh battery capacity. The next generation iStick Power 2 is back.…
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Eleaf iSolo S Starter Kit consists of Eleaf iSolo S Box Mod…
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A very powerful e-cig model that can handle up to 80W. The…
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Eleaf iStick Tria Mod is powered by triple 18650 cells ( purchase…
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Basic vs Advanced Vape: What's the Difference and Which is Best for You?

Choosing the right vape can be a challenge, especially with so many options on the market. An important factor to consider is whether you want a simple or advanced vape model. In this SEO-optimized text, we will compare simple and advanced vapes and go through their advantages and disadvantages. We will use the keywords vape, ecig, vape, cheap vape, best vape and simple ecig to help you decide which type of vape is best for you.

Simple vape (cheap vape/simple ecig):

Simple vapes, also known as cheap vapes or simple ecigs, are designed to be easy to use and maintain. They usually have fewer settings and features, making them ideal for beginners or those who prefer a more straightforward vaping experience.

Advantages of Simpler Vejp:

Ease of use: Simple ecigs usually require no complicated settings or adjustments.

Lower cost: Cheap vapes are usually more affordable than high-end models.

Small and portable: Single vape models are often smaller and lighter, making them convenient to carry around.

Disadvantages of cheap Simpler vape:

Limited features: Basic ecigs do not offer the same customization options as advanced models.

Lower battery capacity: Cheap vape can have shorter battery life than more advanced options.

Advanced vape (best vape):

Advanced vapes, sometimes called the best vape, offer a variety of features and settings for a more customized vaping experience. They are popular with experienced users and those who want full control over their vape.

Advantages of Advanced Vape:

Greater Customization: Advanced vape models allow you to adjust power, temperature and airflow to find the perfect vapor experience.

Better performance: Best vape models often offer higher power and better vapor production.

Longer battery life: Advanced ecigs can have larger battery capacity and longer battery life.

Disadvantages of Advanced Vape:

Higher cost: Advanced vapes can be more expensive than simpler models.

More complicated to use: With more features and settings to manage, advanced vapes can be more challenging for beginners.

Tip - Choose the one that suits you:

The choice between a simple and advanced vape depends on your personal preferences and vaping needs. If you are new to vaping or prefer a straightforward experience, a cheap vape or simple ecig may be the best choice for you. These models offer simplicity and ease of use without compromising on basic functions and performance.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced user or looking for more control over your vaping experience, an advanced vape model may be the best option. These devices offer a wealth of customization options and enhanced performance, giving you the ability to fine-tune your vape to suit your personal preferences.

When deciding which type of vape is best for you, remember to consider factors such as price, size, battery capacity, and customization options. Whether you choose a simple ecig or the best vape model on the market, it's important to choose a device that fits your needs and helps you get the most out of your vaping experience.


18 Year limit applies to the purchase of all Vejp products.

Please note that according to Swedish law, 18 is the age limit for buying and using vapes and other vaping products. This age limit aims to protect young people from becoming addicted to nicotine and reduce the health risks associated with vaping.

The law is in line with the rules that already apply to traditional tobacco products and contributes to promoting a healthier lifestyle among Swedish youth. Therefore, everyone who orders from us at Vapeonline must identify themselves with Bank ID when ordering. Identification is also required when picking up a package from an agent.